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What is The Aquarium Vet eConsult?

Just like a pet dog or cat, pet fish are prone to many different problems that may require veterinary advice.  The Aquarium Vet eConsult is designed to help owners with some of the problems that they may be having with their pet fish.  Often with a thorough investigation and photos we are able to develop a list of potential problems that could be occurring and offer advice to help fix the problem.  In some cases, without actually seeing your fish or performing diagnostic tests (such as skin scrapes, x-rays, biopsies, microbiology, etc) we may not be able determine the exact cause of your fishes problem. In this case our report can be provided to your local veterinarian and assist them in confirming a diagnosis (please note your veterinarian may still charge you a consultation fee).

How does eConsult work?

Shortly after you purchase an eConsult package you will receive an e-mail with an eConsult Fish Health Form which when filled out will give us an understanding of your current problem.  In addition to the form please attach supporting information such as photos of the affected fish, photos of your tank set up, videos of your fish, etc.  Once all the information is received, we will send you a report with our list of potential health problems and recommendations within one to two business days.

What makes The Aquarium Vet eConsult different from Dr. Google?

All our vets are fully qualified and experienced Australian-registered clinical practitioners. We are not only trained veterinarians with expert knowledge in aquarium fish, but we are also hobbyists that have been keeping and breeding fish for many years.  We have the theoretical and practical experience combined with first-hand experience of treating many of the problems that you may be experiencing. Dr. Google is a great tool, but unfortunately it is also full of inappropriate information which may lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatments that may not only be ineffective but also be harmful to your fish.

Can you send me antibiotics or other medications after an e-consult?

In Australia it is currently illegal  for a veterinarian to prescribe any medications unless they have physically examined the animal for the current problem. This includes providing medications or written prescriptions for medications. Therefore we cannot provide medications or prescriptions for medications after an eConsult.

If during our review of the information you provide in the eConsult package we suspect that prescription medication is required or if any diagnostic tests are recommended, this will be mentioned in your report.  In this case, the report can be taken with the fish to your local veterinarian and assist them in confirming a diagnosis (please note your veterinarian may still charge you a consultation fee and also any required diagnostic and medication charges).

Antibiotics are only indicated for use in bacterial infections.  Fish can have MANY different health problems that are not caused by bacteria such as poor water quality, viral infections, parasite infections, tumours, dietary deficiencies, etc. which do not require the use of antibiotics.  Inappropriate use of antibiotics can lead to bacterial resistance which is a serious problem, as well as damaging your biofilter (the good bacteria in your aquarium) resulting in major water quality issues that can be fatal to the fish and other animals in your aquarium.  


Terms and Conditions:

eConsult purchase includes a detailed report based on the information provided by the owner and one follow up reply e-mail if required.  Any additional queries following the report and follow up e-mail will require the purchase of an additional eConsult.

Information presented on the website and video lessons are of a general nature and are not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary healthcare advice received by a veterinarian attending to your animal(s) in person.

Any advice, including advice provided by qualified veterinarians, is limited in the absence of in-person examination of the animal and formal one-to-one consultation with a person familiar with the animal. The Aquarium Vet and Aquarium School cannot be held liable for any damage or loss arising from your reliance on advice derived by use of our Website, eConsult Report, or Video Lessons in such circumstances.

eConsults are geared toward fish in aquariums.  eConsults are not available for aquatic amphibians and reptiles (i.e. turtles, etc.).